About Us

Have you ever wondered where the GTA’s exotic car dealerships send their Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and McLarens for collision repair work? Toronto’s most prestigious cars come to Luxury Auto Body when they need accident or rust repair, refinishing, or cosmetic upgrades. Our complete knowledge of vehicle structural repair, attention to detail, and automotive paint finishing is simply second-to-none.

While Luxury Auto Body has the technical expertise and credentials to fix the GTA’s most expensive cars, we still offer the great value and fast, friendly service that has made us a Toronto institution for over 25 years.

Quite simply, ultra-high-quality auto body repairs require a complete, holistic approach that starts with an understanding of advanced metallurgy, welding and panel shaping techniques, and ends with the supreme attention to detail and time committment required for flawless paint finishing.

For major restorations, exotic car repair, or just fixing minor dents and dings, trust us to provide you with outstanding service, quality, and value.